Professionalization Workshops  [PDF]

(developed for Graduate/Post-Graduate Students)

These workshops provide extra support to post-graduates; they help them to find an appropriate support network for their research and professional growth, and put them in touch with peers who are experiencing the same challenges as they. 

  1. Thinking about (Post-)Graduate School
  2. High Level Organization and Motivation
  3. Networking and Collaboration in the Humanities
  4. Academic Publishing
  5. Methodologies
  6. Conference papers (from Abstract to Presentation)
  7. The International Job Market (The USA and the UK)
  8. The Australian Job Market

There are two possible formats.  The first is simply an hour long information session (with PowerPoint and handouts).  The second adds on another 45 minutes for work shopping particular documents associated with the sessions (so the conference session, for instance, would spend time on drafting a proposal for a current project the students are working on).

Successful participants in this series have presented conference papers, been accepted into PhD programs, have gotten articles published, and have been accepted to international conferences.

Student Feedback:

 “Exactly what we need for career development.” 

“The session was informative, fun, practical, and inspiring.”