Course Title : Masters Seminar in Brit. Lit. I: Drama and the Novel [PDF}

Professor Name: Dr. Aleksondra Hultquist

Course  Description:

From where does the novel come?  Everyone seems to have slightly different answer depending on what is at stake: rhetorics of virtue?—the novel comes from the conduct book; rhetorics of romance?—the novel is French; rhetorics of adventure?—the novel is born of ships’ logs; the list continues.  I have another theory: the novel comes from drama.  This course offers an alternative discourse to the rise of the novel based on the idea that early fiction owes a debt to Restoration and eighteenth-century playwriting.  The readings will be situated within broader cultural and critical contexts, with lectures and/or readings of some the main literary critical lenses of the Restoration drama and early fiction: libertinism, performance theory, the public/private binary, metadramatic technique, and gender constructs.

Texts: Sir George Etheredge, Man of Mode; William Wycherley, The Country Wife; William Congreve, Incognita and Way of the World; Aphra Behn, History of the Nun and Oroonoko; Thomas Southern, The History of the Nun and Oroonoko Susannah Centlivre, Bold Stroke (or The Wonder); Daniel Defoe, Roxana; Eliza Haywood, Fantomina, The British Recluse, A Wife to be Lett; Fanny Burney, Cecelia, The Witlings, The Woman Hater

Requirements: presentation; 8-10 page paper; 15-20 page seminar paper; annotated bibliography; conference proposal

6105 Syllabus/Schedule

Week 1:  Course Introduction

Week 2:  Etheredge, Man of Mode (background reading)

Week 3:  Wycherley, The Country Wife (background reading)

Week 4:  Congreve, Incognita and Way of the World

Week 5:  Behn, History of the Nun;  Southern, The Fatal Marriage

Week 6:  Behn, Oroonoko;  Southern, Oroonoko

Paper due

Week 7:  Centlivre, Bold Stroke or The Wonder

Week 8:  Defoe, Roxana

Week 9:  Haywood, The British Recluse and Fantomina

Week 10:  Haywood, A Wife to be Lett

Week 11:  Burney, Cecelia

Week 12:  Burney, Cecelia

Week 13:  Burney, The Witlings

Week 14:  Burney, The Woman Hater

Week 15:  [Seminar Paper due