Homework Assignment   [PDF]

Reading is assigned for homework and should be read attentively before class begins.  I suggest active reading, which involves energetic and attentive reading as well as focused writing.  You will need to accomplish the following for each home work assignment:

Schedule an hour or two for each reading assignment. 

Obtain the text to be read. 

PRINT THE TEXT OUT!  You must have a hard copy to read, mark up and bring into class.  If you can do all of this electronically that is fine, but I will want to see evidence of it in some way.

Do a close reading and mark up the text.  Some thoughts:

Highlight, underline, make stars by certain passages that interest you, confuse you, etc.

Look up all unknown words and scribble the definitions down in the margins.

Put marks by repetitions, especially of images, ideas, situations etc.

When you think of a question, write it down and try to answer it on your own from the text.

Do mini research.  If you don’t know a person, concept, phrase, genre, reference, you can begin by googling it, but I prefer you use more advanced methods.  Some literary specific databases can be accessed through the library’s website.  At the very least a good dictionary and a glossary of literary terms should be at your disposal.

Write a bit.  Answer the discussion questions, free write for 5 minutes, write down as many questions as you can think of in 5 minutes, make note of repetitions or patterns and surmise what they might mean.  Do something to make the work of reading stick.

Post it.  Go to the WebCT page for the class and post a short paragraph (4-5 sentences).  You could post the best part of your free write, the best answer to a discussion question, or a question of your own (if you choose  this option, do your best to take a stab at the answer using the text itself).

Read other’s posts.  It won’t take long, so review what others have posted, just to see if you have similar questions or concerns.  If you feel moved, respond online, or write down a thought to bring to class.

*YOU MUST POST SOMETHING ON WebCT BY 12NOON THE DAY THAT CLASS MEETS.  This will be part of your attendance and participation grade.